Strengthen Before Using

I’m going to have to make a rule: You may only go for a walk or run AFTER you do your strengthening exercises.

The home gym, inexpensive but effective if you use it.

When I was going to PT two or three times per week, my progress was insured. When I went, I did my exercises, all two hours of them. But now that I’m down to one PT a week, I’m supposed to continue with my strengthening at home. Oh, I have the equipment, just not the motivation. Who wants to do band exercises in 4 directions and 2 rotations on each leg when it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside?

The problem is: when I get a bit slack and hit the roads for some fun, my knees and hips complain afterwards. They can’t run smoothly when they’re not strong. And they’re not strong enough yet. I haven’t put in the work required.

So, today, new rule: boring exercises first, then I may run, if there’s time.

And let’s not forget the stretches. Strong or not, I won’t be running long without those!


About wlebolt

Wendy is a health and fitness professional and coach who specializes in helping young athletes dig deep to reach high. Her business, Fit2Finish, LLC, serves the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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