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Are You Alright?

It was the weirdest sensation. All of a sudden I am in the air. It feels like my hip slides out of the socket and then slides back in. I thought “Whew. That was close.” And then I land, splat in the mud.

I lie there, taking inventory. Someone stands over me. “Are you alright?”

“Well, I’m done playing.”

Two guys help me up. I stand and take a step. I falter and I hear the loud intake of breath from everyone around me. That’s the moment I start to feel afraid. Did I really hurt myself? The same two guys (I suppose), one under each arm help me off the field. Yes, this hurts whenever it touches the ground or when I swing it or when I try to move it.

People huddle around. “Are you alright?”

“I’m okay. It’s okay.” Do I say this to reassure them…or me? I don’t want the kids to know I have hurt myself. They keep playing. I cheer them on. I pretend that everything is fine.

Allan asks me if he should drive the car out onto the field to pick me up. I think so. He does. Getting me from chair into car, from car into lodge, onto the couch is pretty excruciating. Of course, I must not show this.

The girls start filing in to change out of their trash ball clothing before heading down to lunch. We are in the common room. A few of the girls hazard a visit.

“Are you alright, Mrs. LeBolt?” Polly asked. She is serious, sincere, concerned. “I’ll be alright, Polly.” She is the one I encouraged to play the game instead of just standing on the field, “It’ll keep you warm,” I assured her.

“What happened?” Natalie asked. She is curious, anxious, wants to be helpful. “It’s my hamstring, Natalie. You know about those.” She does. I have counseled her when she has strained hers at soccer.

“Did we win?” I call to my teammates piling into the hall. “No!” comes the answer. Ah. The final blow.

Olivia runs in. She plops onto the couch next to me. She is not leaving my side. Now I know I will be alright.